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Our Story

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We are a Sydney Australia based creative agency that provides visual solutions for individuals and businesses.


We specialize in creating visuals that speak stories and managing business online presences. Our services include photography and videography services, content creation, digital marketing and social media management. 

At  Indohonkie Photograph & Content Creation, we believe every customer is unique, and hence there's no one solution for all.


That's why we encourage you to book a FREE CONSULTATION with us, so we can have a better understanding of your vision and tailor solutions that would suit you the most. You don't have to make any commitment until you think we are the one for you. 

Let your story begin. 


“Words tells you what’s happening, visual shows you what’s happening”

INDOHONKIE PHOTOGRAPHY & CONTENT CREATION was created because we believe in the power of visuals and the meanings that we can create for people. We don’t want to just tell a story, but to capture it and to communicate intangibles like feelings and emotions.

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