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Creating strategized content that convert 
  your audience into your loyal customer 

DO YOU KNOW. . . ?

Content is one of the most effective way to promote a business
Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text.
Consistent, high-quality, and engaging content impacts audience decision making 
more than any other technique.
Content Marketing generate 3X more leads than outbound marketing and cost
62% less.


We build short term and long term content strategy and implement them into quality content that build your audience and convert them into your loyal customer.


We first study your audience and identify topics that your audience engage with. Then we create a strategy with you and produce content that is relatable, entertaining and valuable to your audience.

We produce content like photo, video, article and blog, live session, e-book, webinar strategically, helping you to leverage the power of content marketing and grow your brand faster.

Here's the process that we will go through when you engage our service:


Research Phase
– Get To know You and Your Audience

Having a strategy is important, that’s why we need to understand you and your audience to determine what strategy will work the best for you. This can be summarised into 5 areas: your story, your product and services, your customers, your competitor, your industry.


Collaborate and Build Your Content Strategy

Now we have an understanding about you and your market, it time for us to pull everything together and dive into goal setting and structure the content plan.


This is a phase we will work together to workshop a 3–6-month content strategy and a publication calendar that will drive towards your end goals.


We will make decisions on the form of content, purpose of content, consistence elements, posting frequency and sequence and distribution channel.


Content Creation

Consistency is important! We will work out a creation schedule with you aiming to have the content finalized minimum 5 days before the publication date to avoid content dissemination.


We will engage our in-house and partner creators to make sure the content production goes smooth and easy on your end.


If your content piece involves model or actor, we will carry out a search and arrange a casting.

Content Distribution and Performance Measurment


Once the content is created, it will be handed over to you for review. We will action on your feedback and prepare your content for distribution. The algorithm of media platform is constantly changing, so we tailor every content piece to match with the platform preference.


We will track the performance of each content piece and conduct monthly content audit to measure the response from the public.


We will conduct a content performance meeting every month with you to review and assess the popularity of the content and understand what themes or topic most engage your audience.


We will also update the content plan if needed, address any queries you have and forecast the growth in the following m


Created Content Maximization

Most of the content we create takes the “evergreen content approach”, meaning the content is constantly relevant and stays fresh to your new audience, unless the content piece is created to address a date specific event.

We will give you suggestions on how you can reuse your content, and even leverage them to build relationship with commercial partners.

Your content can be the next

viral piece

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